Motivation, where for art thou?


Like most, I’ve had difficulty in finding motivation at the best of times. In the last month or so, I’ve been extremely motivated in many aspects of my life. I’ve been able to hone in on goals I want to achieve and use these benchmarks as motivators.

The problems I’ve had with mustering up motivation were the factors fueling it. For me I know that the things I used to tell myself in an attempt to find motivation were artificial and from a place inside of me full of desperation.

I was trying to lose weight because that’s what I saw in magazines. I wanted to start studying again because I feared being stuck in a mundane job for the rest of my life. I kept spending all my money because I enjoyed instant gratification too much. I wanted to start my own blog because I thought I needed the validation of others.

What common denominator did all those goals have in common? They’re all shallow and desperate. So when it came time to dig deeper, I had nothing else left to motivate me.

It wasn’t until I reassessed my goals have I started to see changes. Giving them thought, meaning and depth.

I eat well and exercise because I want to feel the best I possibly can. I want to study because I enjoy the subject and I love to constantly learn. I’ve stopped blowing cash on temporary fixes and set myself big goals to save towards. I started Chasing More because I love writing and I want to connect globally with people.

So what are you using to motivate yourself? Artificial goals that are formed out of fear and doubt? Or big, beautiful dreams that are created out of aspirations and excitement for the future?