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Good Monday morning friends!

I love Mondays. I feel like Mondays may have drawn the short straw. Everyone needs to shift their thinking about Mondays and look at it like a fresh start, in the same NYE type fashion!

What a beautifully sunny day it is today here in Sydney, Australia! Going through Winter right now, it’s nice to have some rays of Vitamin D giving our city a big warm hug.

In my attempt to save every dollar possible for our RTW trip, I’ve been on the hunt for ways to stay fit without spending my entire savings. That may sound like an over exaggeration but the problem with living in a major city is that along with gym memberships, sports team registrations, personal training sessions and classes to promise an ass like J-Lo’s, it may seem like getting in good physical shape isn’t possible without spending your savings.

Yesterday (another perfect Winter day) I head out to Rozelle in Sydney’s Inner West to embark on ‘The Bay Run’, which in Sydney, is something only crazy people do on a Sunday morning. But really, it’s a 7km run along the water in some of Sydney’s prettiest suburbs.

So below, behold! Some fun and frugal ways to get into shape minus the budget blowing prices!

Lululemon Classes

Favourites first, right? This has by far been my favourite free fitness discovery yet. The international sportswear brand, Lululemon, hold free Yoga classes in store! Yes! So Wednesday AM I get my stretch on before work and feel so much better for it. They also host running clubs, anyone can join in so don’t stress if you’re no Usain Bolt! Different stores hold their classes at different times so head to their website to find times. is an online community connecting those with common interests. Although this isn’t strictly for fitness groups, there is definitely a strong presence of them on So sign up, search for a group that sounds good to you in your area and get moving!

Walks Around Sydney recently posted an awesome list of Running Festivals and how to train for them. The list includes Sydney’s most picturesque paths, making the prospect of the actual running a little less painful. Whatever one you choose to walk/jog/run, it’s time to lace up, I promise the views will make it worth it!

At Home.

This may be the hardest, however most obvious of frugal fitness choices. I am not one to talk, as I find it extremely difficult to find motivation to do any kind of physical activity when at home. However there is endless amounts of information online to get moving to. This includes articles, photos, videos – basically anything you could need or want, you can find online these days. My favourite place to find information is Pinterest.

Trials Passes/Trial Periods

This option is a bit cheeky, however most gyms and other fitness centers offer free or heavily discounted trials passes or periods, where you may be able to test drive their services. So why not pop into your local and see what you can hustle up?


So no more excuses, it’s time to get moving!

Do you have any suggestions for fitness on the cheap? Let me know if you think I’ve missed something!


World’s Best Luxury Fitness Retreats – Stay toned while getting tanned!

What better way to begin my new, shiny blog than with a post about the World’s Best Luxury Fitness Retreats? Chasing More will primarily be the focus and recording of my journey to embarking on full time travel. So what a great way to kick off than with over views of a few places around the world I will hopefully have the pleasure of visiting one day!

Holiday – the word in itself sends shivers of excitement, delight and yearning through my body.

Exercise – Weirdly enough, doesn’t quite have the same effect!

These two trigger words aren’t synonymous with one another, nor does one conjure up thoughts of the other when mentioned. That was until, I decided to tell you about the world’s best luxury fitness retreats. Don’t say I don’t take care of you.


Absolute Sanctuary Fitness, Thailand
Despite the (unfortunate) stereotypical Australian holiday story, Thailand has a lot more to offer us besides cheap alcohol, fake Fendis and those kind of ping pong shows. Allow me to broaden those Thai horizons for you and send you in the direction of Absolute Sanctuary Fitness, Koh Samui. With weight loss, fitness, anti-stress, hot yoga, meditation, healthy (and delish) eating all on the menu, there isn’t much they’ve missed. Offering a buffet of Yoga, Spa and Detox Programs, you really won’t have an excuse to return home not looking hot like a sunrise Rhonda…

More Info:


Aguas de Ibiza, Spain
Ibiza – party capital of the world, no? Not at Aguas de Ibiza! Head to this haven of self renewal to experience the most luxurious of backdrops for your healthy holiday. You can (and should) participate in daily activities ranging from yoga and pilates classes, personal training sessions in the decked out fitness centre and maybe even a dip in the Feng Shui pool or counter current jet pool. If you feel these things aren’t enough, perhaps you could take it a step further on their alkalising juice detox programme. Claiming to be ‘the only place in Spain to offer the Universal Contour Wrap which guarantees you lose 15cm in a single session’, I’ve already booked my room!

More Info:


Ananda Spa Resort, India
Don’t be fooled because you read ‘spa resort’ in the title! The highly qualified team at Ananda, located in the foothills of the Himalayas, will have you ready to return home a renewed being of wellness ‘discovered through the union of body, mind and soul.’. They understand each individual is different, therefore expect to have a consultation prior to choosing your package to ensure the highest of results. Wellness Experiences available include Ananda Active where you can go white water rafting on the Ganges, Ananda Weight Management if you want help losing those few extra kilos or Ananda Yoga which is, you guessed it, centered around Yoga and its benefits. Don’t say you’re not convinced, I know you were when you read ‘spa resort’ in the title!

More Info:


The Biggest Loser Retreat, Australia
I’ve found the reason why Queenslanders are the toned, tanned, beautiful people that they all unfairly are. It must be because Willow Vale, Queensland is the home of The Biggest Loser Retreat! Yes, just like the TV Show of the same name, The Biggest Loser Retreat caters to all fitness levels, looking to increase your activeness (or lack thereof) to maximise weight loss. Dance classes, aqua combat, a triathlon and weekly team challenges are just a few of the activities that will help you slim down. Unfortunately I don’t think the Commando and Shannon will be your trainers and I’m not sure if you’ll have Michelle screaming ‘You either go down Pussy Street or Man Up Road!’, but I’d like to think I’d get similar results to their contestants!

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Canyon Ranch, North America
It’s hard to believe that America is constantly slapped with being one of the fattest countries in the world or are experiencing an obesity epidemic when places like Canyon Ranch, Arizona exist. With a comprehensive list of fitness, sports and activities to pick from, as well as nutritional menus to devour and delight in, Canyon Ranch will have you on the path to being the best version of yourself in spa retreat surroundings. For those who want the whole kit and caboodle, why not sign up for the Life Enhancement Program where you will develop healthy habits for life.

More Info:


Gaia Retreat, Australia
Owned by the Queen of ‘Let’s get physical’, Miss Olivia Newton-John herself, there is absolutely no reason to believe you would leave Gaia Retreat anything short of restored and rejuvenated. With a strong focus on Naturopathy, Gaia offer tailor made packages focusing on what it is you’re after. Despite the array of daily yoga and pilates classes, guided bushwalks, organic cooking classes, cardio circuit and nutritional consultations, what really won me over is when I read ‘day beds and hammocks’ on their website. If it’s good enough for Sandy, it’s good enough for me.

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Longevity Wellness Resort, Monchique
As winner of the 2013 Tatler’s ‘Most Life Changing’ Spa, I’d like to think I’ve got you onto a game changer with this one. Longevity Wellness Resort in Monchique, Portugal takes it to a whole ‘nother level, they’ve got EVERYTHING. Preventive Health Management? Sure. Intravenous Nutrient Therapy? No worries. Laser Resurfacing? All over it! What I love most about their Wellness Concept is the ability to chose a beginner, intermediate or advanced level from their spa, detox, weight loss, anti-stress and anti-ageing programs. Let your family and friends know you’re heading to Longevity Wellness Resort, chances are they won’t recognise the new you when you get back!

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Paradis Plage, Morocco
If you’re more interested in frolicking in the ocean as a fun way back to fitness, then don’t fear water babies, I have something for you too! Paradis Plage in Morocco is where you need to be. With a bevy of Surf School Packages, surfboard and equipment hire and stand-up paddle lessons, you could be a complete novice or a seasoned pro, they’ll have something to get you into the blue. For all ye’ landlubbers, never fear, Paradis Plage offer a range of Yoga packages! Can’t chose between the two? How about a yoga AND surf package? Bet you’re feeling spoilt for choice already.

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Porto Elounda, Greece
Oh Greece, I thought I couldn’t love you anymore. You’ve already given us so much. Azure blue beaches, haloumi and Effie. But okay, if you insist, I’ll take one more sparkling gem from your treasure chest. As if I needed another reason to get to Greece, I discover Porto Elounda in Crete. With their very own Golf Academy of PGA standards, scuba diving, water sports, tennis lessons and a gym with the latest and greatest of equipment, this five star facility will have you doing as much as possible (however much that may be on a holiday in Greece). I just heard the scribbling down of a Porto Elounda on bucket lists worldwide.

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The Body Holiday at LeSport, St Lucia, Caribbean
Rounding off the list is the crème de la crème of the Caribbean. With a title like ‘The Body Holiday‘ I expect big things and the team at LeSport are more than willing to meet and totally surpass all expectations you would have in a world shattering type of way. Their prices are ALL INCLUSIVE, one price covers accommodation, food and drinks (yes, the alcoholic type!), spa treatment daily and of course, all the trying-to keep-my-holiday-body activities too! Fencing, aerobics, volleyball, archery, scuba diving and water sports. If it involves any kind of physical movement, I’m pretty sure LeSport have it on their books. Tell Jack Sparrow I said hi, then thank me when he falls completely in summer love with you.

More Info:

So now, instead of coming back from your well deserved worldly adventures 5kg’s heavier, you can at least break even. You’re welcome!