Free Fitness Sydney

Good Monday morning friends!

I love Mondays. I feel like Mondays may have drawn the short straw. Everyone needs to shift their thinking about Mondays and look at it like a fresh start, in the same NYE type fashion!

What a beautifully sunny day it is today here in Sydney, Australia! Going through Winter right now, it’s nice to have some rays of Vitamin D giving our city a big warm hug.

In my attempt to save every dollar possible for our RTW trip, I’ve been on the hunt for ways to stay fit without spending my entire savings. That may sound like an over exaggeration but the problem with living in a major city is that along with gym memberships, sports team registrations, personal training sessions and classes to promise an ass like J-Lo’s, it may seem like getting in good physical shape isn’t possible without spending your savings.

Yesterday (another perfect Winter day) I head out to Rozelle in Sydney’s Inner West to embark on ‘The Bay Run’, which in Sydney, is something only crazy people do on a Sunday morning. But really, it’s a 7km run along the water in some of Sydney’s prettiest suburbs.

So below, behold! Some fun and frugal ways to get into shape minus the budget blowing prices!

Lululemon Classes

Favourites first, right? This has by far been my favourite free fitness discovery yet. The international sportswear brand, Lululemon, hold free Yoga classes in store! Yes! So Wednesday AM I get my stretch on before work and feel so much better for it. They also host running clubs, anyone can join in so don’t stress if you’re no Usain Bolt! Different stores hold their classes at different times so head to their website to find times. is an online community connecting those with common interests. Although this isn’t strictly for fitness groups, there is definitely a strong presence of them on So sign up, search for a group that sounds good to you in your area and get moving!

Walks Around Sydney recently posted an awesome list of Running Festivals and how to train for them. The list includes Sydney’s most picturesque paths, making the prospect of the actual running a little less painful. Whatever one you choose to walk/jog/run, it’s time to lace up, I promise the views will make it worth it!

At Home.

This may be the hardest, however most obvious of frugal fitness choices. I am not one to talk, as I find it extremely difficult to find motivation to do any kind of physical activity when at home. However there is endless amounts of information online to get moving to. This includes articles, photos, videos – basically anything you could need or want, you can find online these days. My favourite place to find information is Pinterest.

Trials Passes/Trial Periods

This option is a bit cheeky, however most gyms and other fitness centers offer free or heavily discounted trials passes or periods, where you may be able to test drive their services. So why not pop into your local and see what you can hustle up?


So no more excuses, it’s time to get moving!

Do you have any suggestions for fitness on the cheap? Let me know if you think I’ve missed something!