Pre RTW to do list


So in my Evernote (think of it as an online notebook/diary) I have been keeping and updating a list of skills I would like to learn before setting off on our RTW Trip. It’s entitled “Before I leave”. It made me curious as to how many other travellers, bloggers, international friends had a list of things they wanted to achieve before departing their Motherland too, is this a common practice? I know there is a whole lot of writing up of checklists to do with planning and execution of a RTW venture, but what about skills, attributes and traits you’d like to practice, attain or refine before leaving? They may add to your trip however aren’t essential for it to progress forward.

I want to share my list with you all today and I really want to hear of things you may add or if you have a similar checklist too!

  • Learn another language. Taking time to learn the tongue of a country you’re traveling to, I believe, could entirely enrich your experience while there and add a completely new dimension to your travels. It will make it (if not a little) easier to get around, locate places and find out information about your surroundings. My chosen language? EspaƱol!
  • CPR and basic first aid. Although this isn’t necessary when heading overseas, it’s really a non-negotiable for me. I think it should be on every traveler’s checklist, for obvious reasons!
  • Let go and go with the flow! This I have been happily practising over the last week or two. I am usually a plan it kind of person, always trying to keep myself busy. However at the end of last month I asked both my bosses from my side gigs to give me the weekends of July off (If I didn’t have rent and bills to pay, I would’ve taken a month off from my full time employment too!) I’ve completely loved coming up to the weekends without major plans locked in or weekend work casting it’s cloud on my supposed free time. I do however, have quite a short attention span (Something I’ve found to attractively label The Entrepreneur’s Curse) and have found myself searching for new ventures to take on to fill my time – so it still looks like this trait has a lot of refining left!
  • Negotiation skills. I’ve read from many travel bloggers and in travel books that negotiation skills can come in real handy and save you some real moolah in different parts of the world. This may seem like an easy skill to acquire, however I wouldn’t want to come off as a pushy, arrogant Westerner. At the same time, I don’t want to get ripped off by local businessmen who have mastered the craft of taking advantage of foreign travelers. Practicing at local markets in Aus before leaving and reading as many travel sites as possible is my best chance of mastering this skill.

Please note, this is a very short list started not too long ago and grows weekly. I’d love to hear some of things you decided to practice before leaving for a trip.


Who are you going with?

I’ve been sitting here for half an hour, scraping my mind for some blog-worthy material. To no avail. I’m not sure if the problem is that I have nothing, or I have too much… I’m hoping it’s the latter.

When I’m writing a post for you, I panic. I get anxiety. I delete an entire page of writing and start again. Twice.

Then out of the blue, I receive this text message –

“I was just going through some of the photos on my phone, you’re so beautiful my girl… I love you so so so much. Nothing will ever stop me from loving you”

Then I remember, I’ve just updated my About page. Check it out, scroll down about halfway. See where it says ‘Who I am going with’? The person who sent me this message is the person I will be going on my Round the World trip with. Let me introduce you to him!

IMAG0923Missing our Australian Summers!

For now, let’s just refer to him as boyfriend. Boyfriend and I, before we met, had the same big dream of traveling around the world. Right now, we are in the saving & planning stages of our RTW adventure. I think that we are the perfect travel partners. We compliment and contrast each other. He doesn’t like trying new food, I do. I can get overly worried about minute things, whereas he is pretty easy going.

This got me thinking about what and who really makes the perfect travel partner. A significant other? A sibling? A BFF? Perhaps no travel partner at all?

I’ve heard some horror stories of partners going overseas together and coming home separated. Besides death, this would be the worst case scenario for me. This isn’t exclusive to loved up travelers though, what if you were to embark on a trip with your Best Friend Forever and came back but had dropped the ‘best’ and ‘forever’? How about a sibling? You’ve put up with them for X years, you know each other better than anyone else and you even have a secret handshake… Surely you can take on the world together! Don’t want to have the hassle of a +1 and ready for solo navigation? (It can be done, check out Adventurous Kate for proof)

Whoever you decide to spend your time on the road/in the air/on the water with, there are a few things you’ll want to clarify before leaving:

  • Most importantly, do you both want to be there?
    Seems like a silly question, but if one of you had to be begged or convinced to leave their creature comforts behind then this will likely cause resentment.
  • How long will you be gone for?
    1 month? 1 year? Or will it be an on going adventure without a set time before you both mutually decide abroad to come home?
  • Who will pay for what and how will expenses be divided?
    Money can be a problem between people without the added stress of having to deal with it while in transit. You don’t want to end up in a unfamiliar country broke and fighting with one another. Get it sorted.
  • Where will you go?
    Every small town in the country or on the coast? Or only to see the big city lights? Are their particular destinations you want to visit or avoid? Get a rough itinerary sorted before leaving to ensure both parties are satisfied.
  • What do you want to experience?
    Gears will grind if one of you are going away to conquer every summit you come across while the other is happy to lie around sipping on Pina Coladas on the beach all day.

If you can’t get these clarified and settled with a potential travel partner then perhaps flying solo is the best choice. In a future post I will tell you where boyfriend and I stand on each of these points. I’m almost certain I’ve missed some points to consider when deciding who to travel with, so share your thoughts in the comments!