Getting my shit together

Getting your shit together – sounds like it should be an easy task to do, right? And it can be, if you put your head down and commit. However, if you’re always off with the fairies like I am, putting your head down and concentrating can be rather difficult.

But now, it’s time. Time to get my shit together. It’s been paying off too… Interviews for dreams jobs, back in tertiary studies and flights and road trips booked in New Zealand? Life is pretty sweet right now!


I read an article recently by one of my favourite bloggers who is a life coach based here in Sydney, Australia. Her name is Connie Chapman and she is amazeeeee! The article was entitled Get out of the way of your manifestations.  I took so much from this article, instead of being a ‘Yes’ person and trying to please everyone, trying to do everything and trying to be everywhere, it finally came to a point where I needed to whittle down everything I was involved in to try and concentrate on the things that mattered most to me. I was trying to do more, to gain more. Unfortunately, it was having the opposite affect. There was so much going on around me, it was diluting what was the most important.

So now? I’ve zoned in on my true desires. Who I really want to be and what I really want. This has made me want to research more techniques to de-clutter all the baggage and mess in the background of my life to reap the benefits of clarity. I believe ANYTHING you set your mind to is achievable and attainable! Trust me, I don’t have it all figured out, I probably never will, but I’m willing to start somewhere and put in the hard yards to get what I want!

What have you achieved lately by putting your head down and getting your shit together?



Fight for more or settle for less.

Today, a massive air of dissatisfaction has been lingering around me. It’s not nice.

At first, I sat here feeling sorry for myself indulging in my own little pity party. What exactly did this achieve? Fuck all.

To be frank, I’ve been feeling very stuck in a rut for the past month or two. I haven’t been happy with two main aspects of my life – my health and my career. I’ve been feeling extremely down and out when thinking about these things so sometimes it just seems a bit easier to sweep it under the rug.

Today though, I had a mini revelation – if you’re not happy about it, do something about it. If you are doing something about it and it’s not working, try harder or try something else.

In relation to my work situation, you see dear friends, I thought I had been doing enough to change my situation up until this point. I had enrolled in a course to up my skills and knowledge and had been applying for jobs like crazy, a job rejection had put a damper on my fire… up until now. I’ve decided enough is enough, I need to attack my situation with ferocity and in full force!


Making calls, sending emails and networking with the right people. I’ve decided that if anyone is going to make my situation change, it’s gotta be me. No more time for complacency.

And what do you know? I have an interview tomorrow for a job I could only dream of having up until now!

Time to kick ass!